100 Club Easter Draw

The BDAC 100 Club Easter Draw was made at our Committee Meeting last week and the following were our winners: 1st Liam O’Hare £150, 2nd Tracey Deeks £100 & 3rd Derek Wood £50.

Well done to them and all who have been supportive of the 100 Club again this year.

It is never too late to join and at £25 per ticket – you have a 3 in 100 chance (or slightly better than that at the moment) of winning your money back 3 x per year.

Although the next draw is not now scheduled until September, all new members joining now will be eligible for all 3 draws for 2017/18.

So if you are new to the Club, or have just not got round to it and would like to join – feel free to contact me at 100club@barnetadac.com and I will let you know how you can join.


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