Road Running Points Trophy 2014


  • 5 points for first Barnet finisher
  • 4 points for all those scoring in the Barnet team
  • 3 points for all other finishers
  • Exceptionally in relay races and handicap races the fastest runner will score 3 points and each other runner competing will score 2 points.

The winner will be the runner with the most points from their best 10 scoring races over the course of the season. If two or more runners have an equal number of points then the winner will be the runner who competes in the most scoring races (up to the maximum of 10).

Qualifying Races

Qualifying races should be run mostly on road, should be open to all members of the club, and should take place in Hertfordshire or Middlesex, be a designated road running championship event for either of those counties, or be an event for which the club intend to enter a team (e.g. road relays). Note that relays must have events that allow entries for both seniors and veterans to be included.

107/09/2013Middlesex 10K10KVictoria ParkMiddx CC
221/09/2013South of England Road Relays5.5K apprxAldershot
324/09/2013Garden City 5K Race 1 5KHatfieldHerts Sen CC
401/10/2013Chingford League Race 15KHog Hill
506/10/2013Standalone 10K10KLetchworthHerts Sen CC
608/10/2013Garden City 5K Race 2 5KHatfieldHerts Vets CC
722/10/2013Garden City 5K Race 3 5KHatfield
827/10/2013Ricky Road Run10 milesRickmansworthHerts Vets CC
903/11/2013Stevenage Half Marathon1/2 MarathonStevenageHerts Vets CC
1005/11/2013Chingford League Race 25KHog Hill
1115/12/2013Festive 55 milesWelwyn Garden City
1229/12/2013Buntingford 1010 milesBuntingfordHerts Sen CC
1319/01/2014Fred Hughes 1010 miles St AlbansHerts Sen CC
1402/02/2014Watford Half1/2 MarathonWatfordHerts Vets CC
1515/02/2014Chingford League Race 35 milesVictoria Park
1608/03/2014Club Road HandicapstbaB&D Clubhouse
1709/03/2014Finchley 2020 milesRuislip
1823/03/2014Hillingdon Half Marathon1/2 MarathonBrunel UniversityMiddx CC
1919/04/2014Victoria Park Open 55 milesVictoria Park
2005/05/2014Pednor 55 milesCheshamHerts Sen & Vets CC
2111/05/2014St Albans 10K10KSt AlbansHerts Sen CC
2213/05/2014Stevenage MWRRL10KStevenageMWRRL
2326/05/2004BUPA 10K10KWestminster
2404/06/2014Orion MWRRL6 milesChingfordMWRRL
2508/06/2014St Albans Half Marathon1/2 MarathonSt AlbansHerts Sen CC
2612/06/2014Trent Park MWRRL10KTrent ParkMWRRL
2701/07/2014St Albans MWRRL10KSt AlbansMWRRL
2817/07/2014MWRRL Mob Match10KWelwyn GCMWRRL

Final Women’s Scores for 2013-14

Runner   Race                           
Total (31/07)RacesPos12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728
Karen Murphy4711155554355445
Sarah Boxer3892455444444
Ros De La Bertouche33123434332333334
Jo Kent33734455555
Emma Salmon258533343333
Clare Boutle22763253333
Cath Perry2266542443
Sarah Brooks2266344434
Maggie Cooper215945444
Lynne Morris207103233333
Philippa Horton20610443243
Karen Bradley2051044444
Maureen Shirley19613343333
Linda Dworowski19613343333
Karen Denham1951355243
Margaret Butler18616423333
Lisa Wilson18616333333
Pauline Michael1651843243
Helen Hoyle164184444
Nicola Froud154204443
Alison Parsons1452123333
Alison Hope134223334
Kirsty Johnstone12323444
Lisa Metselaar12323354
Devika Dedja8325233
Katherine Henderson822544
Nina Atherton822544
Tracy Nottage622833
Mary Brown622833
Jane Richardson622833
Lyn Cox622833
Tracey Deeks622833
Liz Purkiss523323
Carmel O'Brien523323
Clare Sparks51335
Jess McCormick41364
Frankie Vidler41364
Kath March41364
Hannah Sheridan31393
Kim Hunt31393
Ann Stephenson31393
Imelda Gavin31393
Kim Henderson31393
Roz McManus31393
Dee Molloy31393
Claudine Bernard21462
Julie Hawes21462
Penny Antoniou21462

Final Men’s Scores for 2013-14

Runner   Race                           
Total (31/07)RacesPos12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728
Adrian Mason41121245444444444
Tony Hamilton38152344455433333333
Richard McCormick328324454454
Paul Carter308445334434
Jerry Bryan298525534334
Alex Horton29754535444
Costa Michael27774524444
Des Michael268823433434
John Shirley268844333333
Alun Johns257105333344
Vladimir Zalesskiy247112334444
Danny Digweed237122342444
Nick Bingham20613443333
Yitzhak Ben-Aroya2051344444
Peter Ellis19615233434
Raj Patel18616234423
Dave Byrne17617323333
John Clarke17617233333
Michael Martin1751724434
Michael Wright174173554
Jonney Yeates174174454
John Owen1652252423
Andy Welsh1652243333
Chris Violet1652233334
Graham Barnett1552533333
Ed Price154254344
Ben Nagy15325555
Will Morris144282444
Mel Davies1352922333
Alan Morris13329544
Simon Cooper124313333
Steve Holmes114323233
Joe Gomes114322333
Jonathon Kilsby10334244
Mike Walker10334244
Andy Kelleher9336234
Darren White9336342
Ben Boxer9336234
Dave Wilcox9336234
Bob Taylor9336333
Chris Thurston923654
Tom Butler923645
Scott Fraser8343233
Tony Crook724443
Richard May724434
Rob Scott724443
Rob Prater624733
Andy Cunningham624742
Harvey Khaiara624733
John Mould624733
Dave Williams624733
Laurence Scheyvens624733
Liam O'Hare525323
Luke Vincent525323
James Taylor41554
Chris Manning41554
Tim Butler41554
Tim Edwards41554
Phil Cunningham41554
Liam Mitchell41554
Ken Ferguson31613
Jamie March31613
David Brown31613
Martyn Rowe31613
Barry Hicks21652
Jim Rowe21652
Mark Cunningham21652
Dave Sheridan21652