Jack Petchey Award

The Club is a member of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award scheme which recognises the achievements of young people in over 2000 clubs and schools in the London and Essex area.

Participating clubs select 1 young person (age 11-25) to receive an achievement award every 2 months. The winner receives a framed certificate and sum of money (in our case, £200) to be spent according the recipient choice. The money must be spent on the club, not the individual. Examples of purchases include new T-shirts for team members, subsidising social events, new equipment for the club, or any item that the recipient feels will benefit the young members of club.

Every 2 months, members of the club are invited to make suggestions for the quarterly recipient of the award. To win an award the recipient does not have to be the fastest or best athlete. They do need to be exceptionally hard working or to have done something really positive for other people and the club, and to have demonstrated a personal achievement. It is especially important that the younger members of the club nominate athletes for this as well as parents, coaches and older members. Once nominations have been collected, the recipient will be chosen by the committee. The Jack Petchey co-ordinator will inform the recipient that they have won the award. The recipient will be presented with the certificate and cheque at a suitable occasion (i.e. club awards night, club champs etc). They will then meet with the Jack Petchey co-ordinator to decide how they would like the money spent. All members of the club are encouraged to come up with ideas to go on a ‘wish list’ of items they feel will benefit the club, although ultimately it is the recipient’s choice of how the money is spent. The items must be purchased as soon as possible after the decision has been made, certainly before the next quarterly award is presented.

Barnet & District A.C have been placed on the silver award scheme. This means we receive 6 awards of £200 each year.

How You Can Help

The operation of the scheme recently has not been great, and we are a bit behind with making some of the awards, so we are asking members for nominations, now!

All club members are encouraged to nominate young athletes (aged 11-25) for one of our quarterly awards, but we are particularly interested in nominations from our young athletes for any of their peers. Parents too, are encouraged to make nominations.

There is no official form, we just need to know who is being nominated and why. A short paragraph/ description is sufficient, sent via e-mail to chairman@barnetadac.com

Visit the website: http://www.jackpetcheyfoundation.org.uk/ to find out more about the scheme.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Barnet & District A.C to recognise young athletes who have achieved something significant for themselves and the club. If you have any further questions about the scheme feel free to ask or visit the Jack Petchey Foundation website.