100 Club

In 2015 we announced the launch of a Barnet & District AC ‘Stag’ 100 Club to help raise some additional funds for the Club.

Tickets are on Sale at £25 per ticket per annum and initially there will be 3 (three) draws per annum.

The prize fund will be 50% of the funds raised so the more tickets that we can sell the more often/or larger the prizes can be. Tickets are always available and Adrian Mason will often appear at Club Sessions and Events with flyers and application forms to encourage you to sign up.

Funds raised will be used to help the Club with supporting our Athletes and members across the board and we will look to pin-point in the future some of the extra activities that we have been able to carry out as a result of the 100 Club.

Tickets can only be sold to Over 16’s but other than that there are no restrictions on who can buy a ticket or the number of tickets an individual can buy. An application form is attached below which please either return to Adrian Mason at the address on the form or Email back a completed copy directly to the 100 Club email address: 100club@barnetadac.com

Payments for tickets can be made by Cheque or Online bank transfer to the account details on the form.

If you have any queries or questions about the 100 Club please forward these to Adrian at 100club@barnetadac.com

Barnet & District_100club_rules_and-application_form

Adrian Mason