Victoria Park 5 All Time List

Victoria Park 5 All Time List
BRADBURY Bob       23:141978M
MASON Adrian       23:331987M
REAVLEY Tony       24:181968M
EDE Richard        24:181984M
CUNNINGHAM Andy    24:281986M
GAMBLE Richard     24:302007M
TAPPIN Andy        24:391994M
EARTHY Mike        24:421988M
STREET John        24:441970M
PARKER Mel         24:531994M
McCORMICK Richard  24:582005M
LOWE  Steve        25:001987M
DABROWSKI Barry    25:061975M
ALLEN Steve        25:061977M
BAILEY Ralph       25:091984M
MARVEN Nigel       25:111985M
NUCKEY Ian        25:121970M
SHEARLY Jim        25:151988M
CANDY Dave        25:181990M
NOLAN Ted          25:281968M
STRONG Paul        25:311982M
CUNNINGHAM Phil    25:331982M
BENNISON Graham    25:361972M
PRICE  Dave        25:381988M
TURNER Keith       25:382002M
ALLEN  Mark        25:381987M
THACKER Tim        25:401971M
BOULTON Peter      25:411968M
HIME Simon         25:441997M
WILSON Dave        25:491984M
WILCOCK Dave       25:501998M
RAMSEY Grant       25:512006M
NEATHAM Andy       25:551983M
KELLEHER Andy      25:552003M
WOOD  Derek        25:581985M
REED Dave          25:581981M
BEVAN  Dave        25:581982M
SUTHERLAND Neil    25:591988M
BURTON Fred        26:031968M
TAYLOR John        26:041968M
NUNN  Steve        26:051986M
BLAKE Edward26:062012M
CHILTON Steve      26:131987M
SPENCER Dave       26:141983M
ZACHARIDES Costos  26:141993M
HORTON Alex26:172012M
DIXON Sean         26:182002M
SCOTT  John        26:211978M
KAVANAGH Brendan   26:271984M
MICHAEL Costa      26:272004M
SOUTHEY Jim        26:291987M
AIKEN Howard       26:301986M
ATKINSON John      26:311968M
TIMBRELL Len       26:351968M
LESLIE John        26:381985M
KELLY Fearon       26:451996M
POWNALL Richard    26:471985M
FORSTER Laurie     26:481985M
SHIRLEY John       26:501987M
ORCHARD Peter      26:521985M
HARVEY Alan        26:561984M
TAYLOR James       26:582006M
MICHAEL Des        27:012001M
O'HARE Liam        27:031998M
HAMMOND Geoff      27:061977M
MASON Barry        27:061983M
OAKLEY Dave        27:091972M
LOCKYER Allen      27:161977M
FOWLER Eric        27:181982M
PARKER James       27:192004M
O'TOOLE Patrick    27:202001M
FEREDAY Dave       27:201984M
EMERSON Paul       27:211982M
ROWE Martyn        27:301988M
KENT Dennis        27:311969M
GILBERT Malcolm    27:331971M
GILBERT Brian      27:331973M
KIMBER Ted         27:341985M
COLLINS Dave       27:521984M
BURLING Mike       27:521982M
STAPLETON Mike     27:552001M
SURREY Derek       27:571984M
FULCHER John       27:581977M
HART Jason         28:021990M
WILCOCK Ben        28:021999M
WHITEHEAD Ray      28:051969M
ALLEN Mike         28:131978M
HAMILTON Tony      28:161971M
ROBINSON Francis   28:171992M
HANCOCK Geoff      28:191982M
FULLER John        28:201979M
MEEKS Roger        28:211977M
LYNE Andy          28:252004M
GOODFELLOW Phil    28:261969M
CONNOR Paul        28:261992M
FOSTER-CURTIS Mike 28:271981M
EMERSON Chris      28:301986M
PATEL Rajesh28:312013M
BLACK Reg          28:331996M
PEARSON Geoff      28:371982M
GODDARD Clive      28:381996M
BUTLER Tim28:382012M
OUBRIDGE Nick      28:401977M
CAMBRIDGE Nick     28:431984M
LAWS Jane          28:452004F
BEVAN Richard      28:481985M
THOMPSTONE Roger   28:481998M
CARTER Paul28:482011M
ELLIS Peter28:502008M
BLACKER Tony       28:531992M
ADCOCK Graham      28:572001M
WELLS Simon        28:572003M
TAYLOR Bob         28:581975M
MORETON Dave       29:001989M
BINGHAM Nick       29:001992M
ROLLINSON Dave     29:011983M
JOHNS Alun         29:012004M
BEN-AROYA Yitzhak29:012011M
RUFFHEAD Peter     29:021986M
MONAGHAN Paul      29:071986M
KING Eddie         29:091997M
MANGNALL Dave      29:141985M
TURK Trevor        29:161985M
McCRAITH Joe       29:181985M
NEVILLE Jim        29:191989M
TIERNEY Steve      29:281984M
COX Joe            29:281983M
HIGGS Ron          29:291998M
DIGWEED Danny29:292013M
MALONEY Richard    29:321992M
KILSBY Jonathan29:322011M
NEVILLE George     29:371983M
MORRIS Will29:372011M
BAILEY Ian         29:381983M
ROWE John          29:451984M
MOULD John         29:461990M
COUTTS George      29:471995M
GOULDING Colin     29:481998M
KIRSOP Bob         29:481983M
BATCHELOR Mike     29:491981M
WOODS Kath         29:502004F
MANNING Chris29:562008M
BRYAN Jerry29:572008M
MARTIN Andrew      30:001989M
MARTIN Michael30:092012M
KHAIHRA Harvey     30:101999M
SAWYER Mike        30:121998M
WARE Tony          30:131976M
MITCHELL Liam30:172010M
CHANDLER Stan      30:201979M
ROWE Martyn        30:281998M
GALE Adam          30:291982M
HEWITT Steve       30:291997M
HOYLE Helen        30:362001F
ARCHER Steve       30:391985M
GLOVER Brian       30:401984M
ANTONIOU Con       30:401998M
ROBINSON Noel      30:451992M
HOLYOME Roy        30:491992M
BRADLEY Karen      30:492004F
OTWAY Terry        30:531983M
FROUD Nicola30:532010F
FOWLER Brian       30:551973M
PREECE Huw         30:572002M
STRONG Brian       30:581982M
STEWART Bob        31:111996M
HOBBS Dave         31:201995M
DAVIES Mel31:252011M
GREAVES Kerry      31:261988M
BLACKBEARD Nick    31:261983M
GRIFFITHS Eileen   31:282003F
SAUNDERS Barry     31:291975M
KAWAI Moto         31:292004M
MCCORMICK James31:332012M
PURTON Dave        31:371984M
MAFFIA Peter       31:391986M
KIMBER Jose        31:441987F
SCOTT Rob31:492012M
OWEN John          31:502000M
HARRIS Steve       31:531988M
MURPHY John        31:542007M
ENGERS Rob         31:551995M
GOVENDER Maggie    32:221992F
SMITH Nigel        32:261982M
SCHEYVENS Laurence32:262012M
KING Chris         32:271981M
LOCKWOOD Mike      32:371999M
PERRY Cath         32:372007F
ALEXANDRA Sarah    32:422000F
ALLEN Dave         32:441971M
WEBSTER Gerry      32:561974M
PAVITT Dan         33:002000M
MARCH Jamie        33:052005M
CRAMP Bob          33:081986M
CALLIGARI Steve    33:101984M
WALKER Ruth        33:131983F
MITCHELL Sean33:402010M
STOTT Chris        33:421987M
JOHNSTONE Kirsty   33:432001F
FOWLER Cathy       33:441984F
DAY Jane           33:442004F
MICHAEL Pauline33:592010F
GOMES Joe34:002012M
SAUNDERS Evelyn    34:051998F
STANCOMBE Jack     34:141985M
BANI B             34:152004M
HARVEY Leigh       34:162003F
KILLAIN Michael    34:191981M
GIBBS Ian          34:191997M
HENDERSON Kim      34:211998F
FALOON Karen       34:262003F
FILAITIS Joan      34:321986F
HORTON Philippa34:352010F
WYLIE Penny        34:421998F
VANHEGAN Don       34:451976M
CLARKE John34:502012M
NUNN Gill          35:001986F
DENHAM Karen35:052013F
ROBINSON Liam      35:181988M
STANGER John       35:311983M
RICE Peter         35:312002M
NEILSON Paul       35:321983M
WELSH Andy35:332010M
MURPHY Karen       35:412010F
DAWSON Heather35:432013F
MUNDEE Mark36:032008M
CHURCHILL Carly36:032011F
HARVEY Brenda      36:051994F
ROCHESTER Amanda36:082008F
BLACKHOUSE Angela36:172008F
KIMBERLEY Simone   36:322000F
SHIRLEY Maureen    36:371997F
O'CONNOR Sandra36:472012F
RUSSELL Jenni      36:492001F
BYRNE David36:512013M
UNDERHILL Sally-Ann36:542001F
GIBBS Sue          37:131997F
PALMER Frances     37:151999F
HOWELL Peter       37:212006M
RADLEY Alan        37:341996M
CANDY Gill37:522008F
SIMKINS Claire     37:572004F
CARTER Sara37:592008F
DWOROWSKI Linda38:202008F
TERRY Mike         38:452002M
MANSFIELD Alan     38:501999M
LYGO Pauline       38:542000F
STEPHENS Tiffany   39:352001F
BOWLER Darryl39:352011M
ANDERSON Pippa     39:422004F
BROWN Mary40:302012F
LEE Annabelle40:462010F
MAGGS Nicola41:592011F
PITMAN Tanya       44:022002F
COOPER Simon44:212011M
SCOTT Catherine    44:242002F
FRANKLIN Ron       44:492005M
LIDDIARD Colin45:032007M
BOUTLE Claire45:292013F
TOVEY Julian46:412011M
KANUL Victor56:402011M

Cross country courses change all the time – conditions vary, courses and distances alter as the years go by. There‟s not a lot to be learned by comparing times over the years. However the Victoria Park 5 course, used for Chingford League races, is the same every year. The table below shows, for the men’s races, Barnet‟s first home, sixth home to complete the first team, and 12th home to complete the second team.

Looking at the team results, our fortunes changed with the new century. Up to 2000 we were rarely in the top three teams, but from 2001 we were rarely out of the top three. However, it wasn‟t because we ran faster. The second table shows average times for 1981-90, 1991-2000 and 2001-11. Average times for the second and third periods are remarkably close. 1980s times are faster. We had good results in 1987 (twelve inside 27 minutes) and in 1988 (six inside 26 minutes). Barnet‟s A team was second, to Haringey, on both these occasions.


2012 Edward Blake 26:06, Tim Butler 28:38, Peter Ellis 30:15, 3,2,2
2013 Richard McCormick 26:47, Mike Stapleton 29:10, Rob Scott 33:10, 3,3,1

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