Alex Lepretre wins at the Palace.

It was muddy, slippery, and three times up the steepest hill of them all.  Saturday’s race was no jog in the park.  Alex, modest as ever, said that, yes, it was a hard race.  We saw him speed away from the start and he was never headed, finishing well clear of Orion’s George Day.  Well done Alex!  You take the TMs’ pennant for this one.

Nine more ran in the men’s race.  Kirsty Johnstone and Linda Dworowski, who started but had to pull out, kept the flag flying for us in the women’s competition.  Ted and Josie Kimber came along to support the team.  Chris Stott was busy operating the finishing funnel.

Click here for full results.  Our results below.

Chingford League, race 4 of 6, Alexandra Palace, Saturday 30 December.

  29 Kirsty Johnstone 44:11      


    1 Alex Lepretre 27:30   72 Aarif Jeevanjee 39:24
  43 Andy Cunningham 34:26   83 David Byrne 43:48
  50 Joe Gomes 36:47   84 John Owen 44:29
  52 Des Michael 36:52   85 David Scott 44:35
  70 Mathew Sleeman 38:44   86 Steve Holmes 45:56

Team positions after four races (eleven clubs in the league)

Men ‘A’.  1 Orion.  2 Victoria Park.  ……….  6  Barnet.

Men ‘B’.  1 Orion.  2 Victoria Park.  ……….  6 Barnet.

Men veterans.  1 Victoria Park.  2 Orion.  ……….  6 Barnet.

Women.  1 Victoria Park.  2 Orion.  ……….  7 Barnet.

Women veterans.  1 Eton Manor.  2 Orion.  ……….  7 Barnet.

We improved our team positions a little on Saturday.  We have not had good turnouts in the Chingford League this season but, nevertheless, our teams are all sixth or seventh of eleven teams in the league.  With just a few more Barnet vests in the final two races we can surely finish in the top halves of the tables.  The next Chingford League race is the Victoria Park race on Saturday 17 February.

It’s time for New Year resolutions and here’s the TMs’ two-penneth.  Let’s look good in 2018.  The shop at Saracens has red and blue club vests, red club shorts, a variety of red tops with the club roundel, and red wool hats.  We are often told how good our gazebo looks.  Let’s have a riot of Barnet red there each week.  Let’s be the best looking team on the start lines in 2018, it counts for a lot.

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Alex  020 8441 9425
David  020 8449 2524
John  020 8445 6732