The annual Biathlon Championships take place each August as part of the Three Legged Trophy. Competitors are given a staggered start for the 10 mile bike route followed by a 4.2 mile run, and prizes are awarded for the lowest overall time.

The current route has been used since 2013, the previous route from Victoria Recreation Ground was 12 miles bike followed by 5.5 mile run around Beech Hill.

Past Winners


2018Gary Pelosi
2017Gary Pelosi
2016James McCormick
2015Gary Pelosi
2014Richard McCormick
2013Ben Smith
2012Richard McCormick
2011Richard McCormick


2018Karen Murphy
2017Nina Atherton
2016Karen Murphy
2015Nina Atherton
2014Nina Atherton
2013Jo Kent
2012Kirsty Johnstone
2011Sian Mitchell


Bike – James McCormick 24:26 (2018) – Karen Murphy 28:35 (2018)
Run – Richard McCormick 23:28 (2014) – Jo Kent 27:58 (2013)
Overall – Gary Pelosi 49:41 (2018) – Karen Murphy 61:17 (2018)

Old Course

Bike – Dave Candy 30:22 (2005) – Ladies info to please
Run – Mike Earthy 28:09 (1987)
Overall – Dave Candy 60:30 (2005)

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