Fraternity and Sorority Cup

Fraternity and Sorority Cup

The Fraternity Cup was first awarded by Hampstead Harriers in 1933 to celebrate comradeship, and is held annually between the local clubs.  The Sorority Cup was added later for ladies competition. Men and Ladies race together, and Trent Park has played host to the event for many years now.

Frat Cup 2016


The next staging of the event will take place on Saturday 25 November 2017 at Trent Park and will take place alongside the North West London League fixture for Young Athletes. The start/finish area is near the Cockfosters Road entrance. Access to the car park will be open on the day.

Times. North West London League
12-45 U11 Girls ~1200m
12-55 U13 Girls and U11 Boys ~2200m
13-10 U15 Girls and U13 Boys ~2600m
13-30 U17 Ladies and U15 Boys ~4400m
13-55 U17 Men ~5400m

Fraternity and Sorority Cups
14-30 Senior Men and Senior Ladies ~7800m

Surface. Cross country. Expect rough ground, hills and mud.
Where Trent Park, Cockfosters Road, Enfield, EN4,OPS
Public transport. Cockfosters Tube on the Piccadilly Line is 5 minutes walk from the start.
Post race refreshments and presentation Trent Park Cafe

1 ¾ laps of the Start/Finish field before dropping down the hill from the gap to run one lap of the Oakwood side & returning to the Start/Finish field.  One further complete lap of the Start/Finish field before dropping down the hill from the gap to run one further lap of the Oakwood side & returning to the Finish.  The course will take spikes.

Past Winners

YearFraternity CupSorority CupResults
2016Highgate HarriersLondon HeathsideDownload
2015Barnet and District ACBarnet and District ACDownload
2014London HeathsideSerpentine RCDownload
2013London HeathsideLondon HeathsideDownload
2012Highgate HarriersBarnet and District ACDownload
2011Barnet and District ACBarnet and District AC
2010Highgate HarriersHighgate Harriers
2009Highgate HarriersBarnet and District AC
2008Highgate HarriersBarnet and District AC
2007Enfield and Haringey ACBarnet and District AC
2006Ealing Southall and Middlesex ACHighgate Harriers
2005Shaftesbury Barnet HarriersBarnet and District AC
2004Ealing Southall and Middlesex ACEnfield & Haringey AC
2003Highgate HarriersLondon Heathside
2002Highgate Harriers
2001Ealing Southall and Middlesex AC
2000Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
1999Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
1998Enfield Harriers
1997Hillingdon AC
1996Enfield Harriers
1995London Irish AC
1994Highgate Harriers
1993Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
1992Enfield Harriers
1991Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
1990Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
1989London Irish AC
1988London Irish AC
1987Enfield Harriers
1986Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers
1985Haringey AC
1984Haringey AC
1983Verlea AC
1982Haringey AC
1981Hillingdon AC
1980North London AC
1979London Irish AC
1978Verlea AC
1954Shaftesbury Harriers
1946Shaftesbury Harriers
1940-1945No race
1933New Barnet AC

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Extract from the Singapore Times – 11 January 1934:

Singaport Times 11 January 1934

Barnet and District - Be More Stag!