The next Met League fixture is the last of the season and, as many of you know, will be at Trent Park. Barnet & District AC is the host club, assisted by our friends at Trent Park Running Club.

The date is Saturday 10th February 2018. The first race starts at 12:40. The last race starts at 14:35.

This will be the second time our club has hosted a Met League fixture and last year’s event was a great success, with lots of really positive feedback from all the Clubs in the League. But we urgently need help! These events are not possible without help from volunteers and we need as many people as possible to assist. In particular, we need as many marshals out on the course as possible.

If you do not intend to run, please think seriously about lending a hand on the afternoon of Saturday 10th February. This is a really big day for our Club and we want to ensure it goes safely and smoothly!

Please contact me if you want to help.

Many thanks


Rob Scott
Promotions Secretary
Barnet & District Athletic Club
07775 698234