Only the Mob Match to go at Welwyn this coming Thursday so hot off the press following our humid, thundery race at the Orion mid-week race in Epping Forest I

Our updated B&D Summer League tables are here.

Going into the last race this week Danielle (Stapleton) has an almost unassailable lead; she’s not bagged the Club Champions position yet however with Jo (Kent) moving into second place in WOMENS DIVISION 1 (after a sub:39 minute time, finishing 3rd overall in the Epping Forest race) nine points behind Danielle. Davina (Gutteridge) moved one point ahead of Karen (Bradley) into third place so the top three positions remain unsettled and will come down to attendances and performances at Welwyn.

Sarah (Boxer), continues to lead DIVISION 2 with maximum league points (48), having achieved a 16th overall race placing at Epping. Annabelle (Lee) is comfortably second placed on 39 points after a strong run in against Davina at Epping. Charlotte (Kennedy) has nudged one point ahead of Alison (Hope) into third place so the final promotion place in this Division remains contested.

It’s hard to find the words to describe the see-saw season Di (Godin) and Mary (Brown) are having in competition with one another. Turning the form between them around from Trent Park, at Epping Mary enjoyed a particularly strong race. Nevertheless Di still leads the Division on 42 points, two ahead of Mary. The Divisional winners spot is clearly going to the wire. Katey (Phillips) with a maximum 36 points from her three races has moved just one point ahead of Alison (Parsons) to claim third place going into Welwyn.

Jenny (Lambert) leads DIVISION 4, with a three point advantage over both Joanne (Squire), racing for only the second time for the Club over 10km and finishing in the top 30 and Helen (Hoyle), also on 24 points. Jenny pips Helen, despite having equal points, for second place at the moment with a higher average race placing, 24th against Helen’s 52nd .

With one race remaining Niall (Fleming) who has a 15 point advantage in MENS DIVISION 1, can be declared Summer League Club Champion. Niall’s raced superbly in all four races, his first full MWRRL season for the Club. Paul (Carter) retains second place on the same points as Adrian (Mason), both on 29 points. Paul is higher placed having run one more race for the Club in the MWRRL than Adrian. Adrian has edged out Giovanni who is fourth placed but Giovanni has a good excuse for missing Epping Forest, having been busy bagging a marathon PB (by 11 mins!) in the St Petersburg marathon.

Richard (McCormick) appears a nailed on cert to win his division and leads DIVISION 2 with 47 points. Stormin’ Chris (Violet) is second placed on 38 points, with Alex (Horton) in third place with 34 points from 3 races. These three look like they’re heading for Division 1 next year.

Des (Michael), sub-42 mins at Epping and the MWRRLs top V60 athlete has dominated DIVISION 3 on 41 points from 4 races, 6 points ahead of Danny (Digweed) on 35 points from 3 races. Danny is just 2 points ahead of third placed John (Owen) who looked strong at Epping, finishing top of his V70 age category in a time of 46:48.

DIVISION 4 leader Steve (Norris) has had a fantastic season, finishing as B&Ds second placed runner at Epping in 34:02, 8th in the race. Nick (Barber) is second placed on 33 points and the third guaranteed promotion spot is held by James (Smythe) just 2 league points behind Nick on 31 points.

The Team Spirit Award placing is held by Steve (Holmes) and then David (Scott) but as both Steve and David have won the award already in previous years the athlete in the winning position currently is the thoroughly deserving John (Owen), the only man to have raced on all four occasions in Divisions 3 and 4, other than Des (Michael) who is above John in the league.

The Team Spirit Award winning position for the Women is held by Mary (Brown), like John a most deserving potential winner. With no runners in Division 4 having raced all four races Mary, not only holds runners-up spot in Division 3 but is also the lowest placed runner having raced in all 4 races to date.

One to go!   C’mon, lets be havin ya!… to quote a famous cook!