Biathlon – Sunday 19th August – clubhouse at 7:30AM
Family Paarlauf – Thursday 23rd August – clubhouse at 6:30PM
Orienteering – Sunday 26th August – Hadley Woods at 9:00AM

The three legged trophy takes place every summer late August, with competitors aiming for the lowest aggregate time in the Biathlon, Family Paarlauf and Orienteering

Originally set up by Derek Wood, the trophy is always hotly contested and brings club members of all ages together through the three events.

The Biathlon takes place Sunday 19th August at 7.30am at the clubhouse for an 8.00am start. Please make sure you have a helmet (no helmet = no race)

The 10 mile bike is a staggered start following a route of only 3 left hand turns.
Starting from near Cat Hill roundabout…go passed Oakwood tube, up Slades Hill to the mini roundabout at the Ridgeway.

Turn left all the way along the Ridgeway, at M25 roundabout turn left down Stagg Hill, along Cockfosters Road, straight over Cat Hill roundabout, left down Green Road to the clubhouse.
Following transition in the clubhouse car park the 4.2 mile run is 3 laps …all left turns Green Road, Reservoir Road, Bramley Road, Chase Side, Green Road.

Trophies for fastest Female and Male competitors.

There is an option just to do the cycle or run, or as part of a team but your times will not count towards the overall Three Legged Trophy.

Records Men Women
Bike 24.47 James McCormick (2017) 30.10 Jenny McDonagh (2017)
Run 23.28 Richard McCormick (2014) 27.58 Jo Kent (2013)
Overall 51.35 Gary Pelosi (2017) 61.18 Karen Murphy (2016)

If you have a bike (and helmet) would be great to see you there.
Richard McCormick

The Family Paarlauf takes place at the Clubhouse on Thursday 23 August at 6:30PM for a 7:00PM start.

Relay teams of two each complete six laps of 600 metres on the playing fields behind the clubhouse.  Guests and family members are very welcome.  Please find a partner and register on the night.  If you don’t have a partner, come along anyway as we can usually match people up.

The Orienteering takes place Sunday 26th August at 9:00am at Hadley Woods next to Bakers Hill car park (satnav EN5 5QL) for an 9:30am start.

Many members who ran Hadley Wood as juniors will have fond (or not) memories of the area and some may even recollect some of the path network.

This fun event can make all the difference to the final results of the three-legged race.  Many a participant has added precious minutes (or longer) to their overall time from this final segment of the competition.

To give everyone a chance to familiarise themselves with the area over the next few weeks a map of Hadley Wood is attached.  Those who have recently trained over the common may have a small advantage.  The competition start is a large fallen tree marked on the map with a red triangle and is easily accessible from the car park at the foot of Bakers Hill (Satnav Postcode: EN5 5QL).  The exact competition route will be short but challenging (about 4 Km) and is a closely guarded secret which will be revealed on the morning of the event.


From the attached map, (authored by our very own Steve Chilton), the areas in yellow are open grassland which are quite runnable and which is mainly the common itself.  Areas in white are “open” woodland which is clear of vegetation at ground level and is runnable.  Dark green areas are to be avoided as these are thick vegetation and are pretty much impenetrable.  Green hatched areas can be walked through with a bit of effort.

It might be an advantage to familiarise yourself with the stream and tributaries (shown in blue) running west to east across the middle of the map as well as the location of the small black marks, which are small bridges.  At the moment the streams are dry but they could be filled with water by the end of August.   Additionally, ponds are marked in blue and paths are dotted black lines.  The map key shows a number of other features which Mr Chilton thinks you might find useful.  He might be right or he might be wrong but you can find out for yourself on Sunday, 26th August.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence, but the Railway Bell is just a few minutes walking distance from the finish and does serve a particularly good lunch on Sundays; indeed, Mr Chilton might make himself available for comments on his mapping skills.

– Andrew Welsh