Training Calendar

These are the training sessions coming up for our senior athletes.  Club members are welcome to take part in any of the sessions as they choose.

Thursday nights are the main club night and are designed for welcoming new runners.  There are two group sessions as well as the option of a social run at an easy pace with nobody left behind.  We always finish the run with tea and biscuits in the club house.


Tuesday – Trent Park, Cockfosters Road Car Park @ 17:30, or Allianz Park @ 19:00
Coach: Des (Trent Park)   Eddie (Allianz)
 5th March     600m – 200m X 4
 12th March     300m,800m,400m,- 400m,800m,300m
 19th March     3 X 200m, 2X 300m, 600m, 2 X 300m, 3 X 200m. The Moorcroft
 26th March     300m,200m,150m X 5
Thursday – Club house @ 19:00
Coach: Social Run   Eddie
 7th March     5 X 1000m
 14th March     2 X 3k
 21st March     6 X 800m
 28th March     3 X 2k
Saturday – Trent Park, Cockfosters Road Car Park @ 09:15
Coach: Maggie Richard (R), Des (D), Steve (S)
9 Mar   Fartlek (R) 10 X 2mins On Hadley Common
16 Mar   Reps (D) 10 Fields
23 Mar   Hills (S) 5 X 1000m over rolling hills
30 Mar   Reps (R) 8 X 2min Hills

Athletes and coaches are reminded that recruiting (ie persuading athletes to switch coach or clubs) is not permitted under the UKA code of conduct.